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Access and the map to Atsubetsu-ku Taiikukan

The map around Atsubetsu-ku Taiikukan

The access method

* Since the parking lot of a gymnasium is narrow, please use a public transportation facility as much as possible.
Means of transportation Route
In the case of a city-owned subway and JR use
(1)It goes west crossing the passage of first floor duo 2 shopping center or the Sunpiazza north side.
(2)Atsubetsu Chuo 5-2 crossing (slanting crossing is possible) is crossed, and it turns left.
(3)A gymnasium entrance can be seen if it goes straight on then.
Privately-owned carThe direction of Sapporo:
(1)It goes National Route 12 in the direction of Shin-Sapporo for east directions.
(2)Atsubetsu Chuo 3-5 crossing (It is the Atsubetsu police station on the right of this side, and those with a Mokkiri market to a left hand.)
(3)Atsubetsu Chuo street is gone south and to Atsubetsu Chuo 4-2 crossing is turned left
(They are those with Sunkusu(* Convenience store) to a right hand.) and The gymnasium concerned is visible to a right hand.
The direction of Iwamizawa:
(1)It goes National Route 12 in the direction of Sapporo for west directions.
(2)Atsubetsu Chuo 3-6 crossing is turned left.(The Atsubetsu warm swimming pool and a social insurance general hospital are located in this side.)
(3)Atsubetsu Chuo 2-6 crossing is turned to the right. (They are those with Hotel Emisia Sapporo to impending.)
(4)It progresses along the road, and a gymnasium can be seen when Atsubetsu Chuo 2-4 crossing is turned to the right. (They are those with Daiei Shin-Sapporo store on the left of an Atsubetsu Chuo 2-4 crossing.)
  1. Address :
    1-20, Atsubetsu Chuo 2jo 5-chome, Atsubetsu-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
  2. A surrounding institution :
    Shin-Sapporo Station(a city-owned subway -- Tozai Line -JR ),
    Hotel Emisia Sapporo, Atsubetsu police station, Atsubetsu post office
    Daiei Sunpiazza, Youth science museum, Atsubetsu ward office
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