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The History of The Sapporo Aikido Association

The Sapporo Aikido Association falls under the umbrella of the Aikikai organization founded by Morihei Ueshiba, the creator of Aikido.

In 1964, several individuals interested in Aikido formed an Aikido group in Sapporo using public facilities to train. In 1967, The Sapporo City Central Gymnasium was built and approved a private circle for people to get together and practice Aikido. In 1969, former Meiji University professor, Shoji Kamio, was transferred to Sapporo University during its foundation and became the first chief of the Sapporo Aikikai Branch.

In addition to Sapporo, there are 11 other local Aikikai organizations in cities and towns throughout Hokkaido. These dojos, as well as The Sapporo Aikido Association are affiliated through The Hokkaido Aikido Federation. At that time, only the Sapporo Central Gymnasium had Aikido practice. Now, however, there are six sites around Sapporo in several wards: Chuo, Higashi, Kita, Atsubetsu, Kiyota and Teine. Currently about 160 members regularly attend practice.

Timeline of Significant Events

1964: People started practice at public facilities in Sapporo.
1967: Our practice is begun in a Sapporo central gymnasium.
1969: Aikikai Sapporo Branch was founded and Mr. Shoji Kamio became the first branch chief.
1971: Workshop was held by Shihan Masatake Fujita who was a teacher at the Aikikai Main dojo.
1972: Mr. Kiyoshi Furuta became the second branch chief due to Mr. Kamio 's return to Tokyo.
1974: Workshop was held by the second head/chairman Kisshomaru Ueshiba from Aikikai in attendance the third head/chairman Moriteru Ueshiba and Shihan Masatake Fujita.
1981: Aikido practice started at Nishi Ward Gym and Shiroishi Ward gym both being built that year.
      The name of Aikikai Saporo Branch was changed to Sapporo Aikido Association as a result of the Aikikai Hokkaido branch and Hokkaido Aikido Federation being set up.
1982: Aikido practice started at the new Higashi ward gym.
1984: Aikido practice started at the new Kita ward gym.
      The second chairman of Sapporo Aikido Association passed away and Mr. Yasuhiko Suzuki was appointed as the third chairman.
1993: As Mr. Suzuki became a full-time manager of Aikikai Hokkaido branch, Mr. Koichi Fujii became the fourth chairman of Sapporo Aikido Association.
1997: An event which commemorated the 30th anniversary of Sapporo Aikido Association was held.
2002: Aikido Hokkaido Branch and Hokkaido Aikido Federation were combined to New Hokkaido Aikido Federation.
2007: An event which commemorated the 40th anniversary of Hokkaido Aikido Federation was held.
2008: Mr. Koichi Fujii was appointed as the chairman of Hokkaido Aikido Federation.
2010: Mr. Koichi Fujii was awarded 7-dan.
2010: Mr. Koichi Fujii was appointed as a board menber of All Japan Aikido Federation.
2012: Sapporo Aikido Association bocomes a formaly certificated body by Aikikai.
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