What is Aikido?

What is Aikido?

Aikido is a modern martial art developed by its founder Morihei Ueshiba.

The highest aim of Aikido is to dispose of an opponent without the need for direct conflict; a practitioner blends with the oncoming attack in a fluid movement to neutralize the attacker without the use of excessive force.

Morihei Ueshiba
Morihei Ueshiba

In this sense, Aikido seeks a higher spiritual and moral awareness -- Aikido is not a competition between sportsmen to see who is the strongest, the fiercest, or the most dominant.

Such an attitude is counterproductive. Instead, practitioners, practice cooperatively to improve both their own skills and those of their parter.

Currently, many Aikido dojos belong to the Aikikai Organization.

The organization has dojos throughout Japan as well as worldwide wherever people have a love for Aikido.

A message from the Chairman:

To those who would like to start Aikido:
Men and women of all ages come to aikido for different reasons. Some people are interested in the martial arts generally and see aikido as an effective means of self-defense. Others, see aikido as a healthy way to stay in shape. One's purpose in coming to aikido naturally depends on one's age, gender, and attitude.

Despite a desire to participate in Aikido, however, some people may be reluctant to try because they feel that they do not have the required physical strength or stamina to participate in a martial art. A background in sports or other forms of physical training is not required to start Aikido. Like other physical activities, the body gradually becomes better coordinated and stronger over time. If you keep training, your body will eventually become stronger and your confidence will increase. Then, when you are more confident, you can choose the path in Aikido which suits your personal goals.

Aikido is a martial art which is creative, flexible, and open-minded. So, members can adapt to each other's individual goals. Although Aikido holds this flexibility, however, one must keep in mind that aikido, despite its fluid movements, is a martial art. It, therefore, requires good manners and a proper attitude to participate fully. You should always remember that aikido needs a partner to practice and therefore showing proper respect, kindness, and politeness to all members at all times should always be foremost in your mind.

The Sapporo Aikido Association trains in six locations and has 22 instructors. Although the teachers are not full-time instructors, among them there is a wealth of knowledge regarding aikido of various styles from throughout Japan. They all want to share their knowledge and the spirit of aikido with others and would love for more people to see the attraction of aikido.

Mr. Kouichi Fujii Chairman of the Sapporo Aikido Association

We understand that to start something new requires a bit of courage. But, we were all once beginners when we started aikido, even though we are now teachers. A little bit of curiosity is all it takes to open our doors and see why we love Aikido.

-- Mr. Kouichi Fujii Chairman of the Sapporo Aikido Association
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